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Here the job is of filling online forms in the internet. You will be getting simple Online Registration Forms by free advertising Classifieds sites, Forums, Blogs and you do not need any more money to pay to join. You have to fill those Online Registration Forms according to the instructions we provided.



NOTICE: Before you read further. This program is not available to the following countries at the moment. China Citizens. 

These are very simple forms and it is similar to creating an Email account in GmailYahooHotmail, or Live. It takes less than 10 minutes to fill those forms. 

You can earn between $50 to $400 per transaction in a week for the form you fill.

There are many categories of forms to fill and also many categories of Companies to work with. Based on the Category, the rate will vary. On an average, you can earn up-to $200 daily and more for form you fill and you can make a decent amount and a good living with this.

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What Is The Actual Working?

The main and actual working is filling online forms on various websites as described in our package. There are so many methods to fill these simple forms. We will also show you the best and easy methods like free advertising classifieds sites for this types of job as given in the example below. When you type the data and summit the forms in various website and free advertising classifieds sites, you will be helping companies spread the word about their products and services and so in-return, they will pay you up to $50, $400, $700+ per transaction for form you completely filled.

You can see how that starts adding up really quick. There are more than 20 advertising. You are guaranteed to work with these companies, and no-one is ever turned down.

There’s no approval process, and you can start working with them right away. You get paid twice a month via Cheque, (e-wallets - PerfectMoney, Payza, OKPay, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, BitCoin, Payeer, PayPal), WesternUnion, MoneyGram, Bank/Wire Transfer and into your local bank account.

Is It Easy To Fill Those Forms?

Yes. There are very simple forms and it is similar to creating an Email account in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Live. Or when filling an online application form; when registering and signing-up for a program, job or work. It takes less than 5 minutes to fill those forms.

What Are The Basic Requirements To Get Started?

Participant should have a computer or else can work from any cyber café, internet connection is required. Basic knowledge of operating computer, surfing internet, opening websites, etc. 

How Long One Form Will Be And How Much Time It Will Take To Submit The Form?

Each form will be of one-page only, similar to what you fill regularly on internet like opening as E-mail account. Normally it takes at the most 5 minutes to fill a single form. However, using our Form Filling Software it will hardly take 3-5 minutes only. Form filling software will be provided free of cost to you. Daily you can fill more than 2000+ forms using our software. The software is very easy to use.

How Much Can I Earn For Filling Each Form?

Apparently, you can earn up-to $0.25 and up to $3 for each form you fill. We have many categories of forms to fill. Based on the category, the rate will vary. On an average, you can earn over $2000 for the form you fill. 

Is This Work Available Worldwide?

No. We have selected country.

What Is The Qualification To Do This Work?

No need for Extra Qualification. Just basic internet Browsing knowledge and some typing skills speed is enough to do this job. In most cases, you don't need to type the form one after the other manually, just Copy-and-Paste the forms from the Ad-Matters List and start filling the form in their respective categories and sub-categories in free classified advertising sites, forums and blogs that we give you and that's all.

How Many Forms Can I Fill In One Day?

You can fill as many forms you want. You can make more and more money by filling more and more forms. It all depends on your ability to work per a day. And your spare time doing online form filling!

Is This Job For Full-Time Form Fillers Only?

This job does not have specific time to do. The nature of this job enables anyone to make money; it doesn’t matter whether you work full-time or part-time. In fact, the work does not need full or part time schedules. That means no time limit how you should work and no one will force you to work at specified time. 

How Much Time I Need To Work In The Internet?

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the work. It depends on the number of hours you work. You can work at your convenient timings. But it is good at least you work 5-10 hours daily to earn a decent income.

When Will I Get The Payment And What Is The Method Of Payment?

You get paid twice per month by Cheque form, PerfectMoney, Payza, Neteller, WebMoney, OKPay, BitCoin, Payeer, PayPal, WesternUnion, MoneyGram, Wire Transfer. You can anytime transfer money from your e-wallet account to your bank in your local-currency in Nigeria and any-where in the world.

Is This Work Like Freelance Jobs?

No. You do not have to work unlike the freelancers. After you’ve join our legitimate online form filling membership, all you will do next is start signing-up with the company of your choice from our categories.

For full answers to your queries visit our Comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section.


We are so confident in our program that we are offering a Zero-Money-Back Guarantee on the one-time membership processing fees plus affordable monthly CPA renewal fees. This means we do not have refund for this program. If you try our program, and for any reason decide that you want a refund, we won't re-fund your money you paid for the membership processing fee, no questions asked. And we will let you keep any of the money you have made. All we ask is that you give this program a legitimate try. With our support, you can succeed; that is not just a promise, but assurance.

How to Become Part of Our Form Filling Member

Form Filling Job Working Plans & Payment Charts










Start Up Fees

 $125 USD
Order Now 

$155 USD
Order Now 

$205 USD
Order Now

$255 USD
Order Now

$305 USD
Order Now

$355 USD 
Order Now 

$555 USD
Order Now 

$705 USD
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Monthly Renewal
Fees (After First 
Registration fee for PPP Charges)

$20 USD
 Will Be Deducted From Your PPP Earnings 

$20 USD  Will Be Deducted From Your PPP Earnings

$20 USD
Will Be Deducted From Your PPP Earnings

$20 USD
Will Be Deducted From Your PPP Earnings

$20 USD
Will Be Deducted From Your PPP Earnings

$20 USD 
Will Be Deducted From Your PPP Earnings

$20 USD Will Be Deducted From Your PPP Earnings 

No Renewal Fees.
$ 0.00 USD
(N 00, 000 NGN) 

PPP (Pay Per Post on PPP) Payment Rates
[Classified, Forums & Blogs]

 $0.25 Per Post

$0.50 Per Post

$0.75 Per Post

$1.00 Per Post

$1.50 Per Post

$2.00 Per Post

$2.50 Per Post

$3.00 Per Post

PPP Minimum Form Submission
For Payment

 500 Post

 500 Post

500 Post

500 Post

500 Post

  500 Post

 500 Post

500 Post

PPP Maximum Form Submission
For Payment

 500 Post

500 Post

 500 Post

 500 Post

 500 Post

  500 Post

 500 Post

500 Post

Minimum Payout
Per Month









Maximum Payout
Per Month









PPP Bonus Payout Structure: Based
On Number Of
Sales Conversions

 0-10 @ Bonus  $5

0-20 @

0-30 @ Bonus $25

0-40 @ Bonus $50

0-50 @ Bonus

0-60 @ Bonus

0-70 @ Bonus

0-100 @ Bonus $200


Notes: Note that membership fees are renewable except for Life-Time Membership Plan, if you failed to renew your monthly membership fees then you have deemed to not receive your Form Filling Works payment for that month. And also, monthly renewal fees is automatically deducted from your PPP earnings during withdrawals or payout.

None activities of not posting the forms in specified websites, may lead to no-earnings in your work. No Money-Back after payment, and all forms must be properly posted for earnings to be accounted for. All post must be reported to us via in word format. Wrong documentations may lead to no earnings on payout for that post.  The minimum 500 post must be submitted before payout can be released. If you post more than 500 forms in a month your earnings will be calculated and paid on your next payment cycle.

All post posted in classified websites must be at least 15-30 days to expiration for earnings count. If you post in classified websites with less than 15 days expiration no earnings will be recorded.

Lite Plan: The Lite plan is an idea to show our legitimacy and integrity for those who want to try our unique program before they get started investing with little money. The Lite Membership Plan is designed for student while earnings money from school.  

Payment Schedule: Payments are released every month from 30th each month. For instance; if you work in January 2013, your payment will be paid on 30th of February 2013 - per a month once you have reached payout level or threshold of $100.

Report Submission: Note that report submission is necessary for PPP (Pay Per post) work. PPP (Pay Per Post) work is for higher sales conversions which you're allowed to fill your ad-matter(s) in any Forums, Blogs and Classified websites; Facebook, Twitter and any social media/networking websites. 

For PPP ad-matter if found any missed-typed or wrongly submitted form, having no back-link URL to sponsor website, and not properly filled cannot be paid for the same as it will not generate earnings for you. 

One-Time Registration Processing Fee Plus A Monthly PPP Low-Cost Renewal Fees Per Plan

Includes: Free Bonus for our members - Free Financial E-books. Etc..

Once we have reached our goal of members, we will be closing the door to any new memberships.

We are very dedicated in this program and making sure that anyone who wants to join our team of form filling we also be serious after sign-up for our membership. If you’re the kind of person that want to work 30 minutes of your-time and go for your next venture; this work is for you too. But, you see; we need serious people (workers) who will join our team to make good income for yourself. We need dedicated people who will not disappoint-us; if you are such, do not even register with us! 

Demo of Form Filling Job

Online Form Filling Jobs is one of the easiest Home Jobs one can have today. The form filling jobs, as the name itself indicates you've to purely fill the online forms with specific details given to you. Today internet has become one of the vast markets for webmasters. Daily Millions of People visits websites and fill different types of forms like registration forms, job forms, etc.

Five Simple Steps To Completing Our Form Filling Process!

1. Register with the Companies for Free.
2. Log-in to your account to access the online forms.
3. Enter the data provided for you into the forms.
4. Hit the Submit Button.
5. That's all. Wait until your checks start coming-in. 

What Do You Need To Do? 

All that we ask of you is to fill short lines forms of data text, and post to the sources we suggest. Once that is completed, hit the enter key, and you are done.

Yes, it is that simple. The more form you fill or type, the more money you can make. With this program we will teach you everything you need to know to do these online forms filling jobs, and after you complete our online short e-guide we will have you submitting data in 10 minutes or less.

We’ll show you many tips to assure your success. We will have you sign-up with a pay-link account. This is where your checks or wire transfer will be sent on the  30th of every month. We will give you access to over 20 companies dealing in categories from Business, Finance and much more. Many of these companies have down sized and have shortage of workers who will help spread the world about their products and services so they are willing to share their profits with you. We will even give you the inside scoop on which companies we are using, best to deal with, and pay the highest.

What NOT to Expect

  • You Will NOT be left without member support.
  • You Will NOT be part of a down-line or up-line scam.
  • You Will NOT be part of any type of pyramid scheme.
  • You Will NOT have to answer or read e-mails.
  • You Will NOT have to convince anyone to join our site.
  • You Will NOT have to scam anyone on the internet to get paid.
  • You Will NOT have to create or buy any products.
  • You Will NOT have to read emails.
  • You Will NOT have to own a Web site.
  • You Will NOT have to process orders or ship anything before you can get paid.
  • You Will NOT have to deal with customers.
  • You Will NOT have to meet deadlines.
  • You Will NOT have to own a Certificate.

What to Expect

  • 24/7 days irresistible and unlimited live members support.
  • Free Classifieds Advertising Sites to earn more money for your-self.
  • Unlimited work for all members.
  • Receive sign-up with 20 companies with no additional costs, and begin working in a short amount of time.
  • Top secrets revealed making more money with online form filling jobs.
  • Unlimited upgrades for a one-time payment and low-cost monthly membership processing fees.
  • Free unlimited bonuses inclusive.

Due To A Recent High Demand Of Workers Needed, We Will Be Accepting New Members Per Plans on a  One Time Membership Processing Fee. WITH AFFORDABLE MONTHLY FEES FOR PPP (PAY PER POST) EARNINGS. 

Are You Ready To Take Advantage Of This Huge Opportunity?

Member sign-up 24/7, 365 Days a Year

Get instant Access to Members Area 


When you click the ‘’Order Now’’ button above, you will be taken to our 100% payment processors section where you can select and choose the option that you preferred to pay with, in your local currency.

If you have any further enquiries, questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us for support.
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